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About me

Satya started painting at a really young age, mostly abstract and colours that she saw in her dreams. She then discovered photography and the dark room and that's where she found her voice. She studied Arts in college and digital photography later on. She worked in fashion, food and products photography but her passion is traveling the world and capture life with her camera. She uses every medium she is inspired by but mostly digital and medium format film. She travels the world for inspirations and is looking for raw emotions amongst all the turmoil of life.


"My artistic approach is capturing the beauty of life with shadow and light. I travel a lot and try to capture the essence of a country, the smell, the colours and the textures of nature. I sit in nature and let the environment talk to me, the emotions of the space bring me inspiration, I let it come to me, naturally. My work is a work of passion and feelings, of freedom and space. My medium is photography, digital and film. Welcome to my inner voice. "

Satya Jack

Contact me





Australia : 61 460 674 783

Canada : 514 213 0886

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