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Personal and business Branding photography, food  and styling photography, lifestyle and storytelling, by

Satya Jack.


My name is Satya

I'm a passionate photographer who loves to create magic with humans, tell their story, show their true beauty and help them showcase their art and special talents. I specialize in the creation of your personal branding trough photography. I offer a  free consultation so we can talk about your needs and make sure we obtain the best professional results for your brand.

Contact me so we can start to build your personal branding together!

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I'm passionate about capturing the true essence of individuals. My job is to create photos that not only highlight your uniqueness and natural beauty, but also help you see and accept your body, and strengthen your personal brand. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to stand out or an individual seeking self-acceptance, my photos tell your story in an authentic and powerful way. Contact me to rediscover and celebrate your true light."

Satya Jack



Quand son objectif saisie mon regard, je me sens enveloppée d’une transparence qui révèle mes émotions les plus profondes. Sous son regard bienveillant, elle réussit à extraire le meilleur de moi-même, transformant chaque instant en une  symphonie visuelle de vérité et de beauté. Son instinct et son humanité sont ses forces. 

Joannie Blanchette 

We are humans


Be yourself, everyone else is already taken




Satisfied Clients

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